how i spent my last spring break

I just got back from a 5-day Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas! It was my first cruise experience, and I had the privilege of going with several of my good friends during our last spring break. If you’re considering a cruise, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s cost-efficient and SO much fun! Here are some highlights from my trip.

Stingray sighting in Coco Cay

Coco Cay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean, so it was small and quaint. But to my surprise, there were TONS of animals. We saw iguanas, plenty of fish, conches, and even a cat. The coolest animal, though, were the stingray, which I had never seen in the wild before. After wading out to a sand bar, we noticed a few stingrays gliding through the water. My friend Brandon captured a photo of one here.

FullSizeRender (1)

Paddle-boarding in Nassau

By the third day, a lot of my friends had grown tired from all the sun and mostly wanted to lounge at the beach. Luckily for me, my boyfriend was down to do some adventuring with me. The excursions offered through Royal Caribbean were pretty pricey, so we wandered in search of a local water sports company. We ended up renting paddle boards and spending an hour in the warm water.

Late night comedy show

Patrick Maliha, the comedian on the cruise, was absolutely hilarious. I saw both his family show and the adult show, and both were equally great — an uncommon feat. His observations on the oddities of modern life, combined with his self-deprecating humor and even jokes at the expense of audience members were stellar. He also does killer impressions (and holds the world record for most impressions done in one minute!).

Pool lounging

Kind of a given, but I loved just relaxing by the pool. I never have the time to do so at home, so it was so nice to be able to spend hours under the sun with a daiquiri in hand, the ocean breeze whipping through my hair.

* * *

Check back soon for another post featuring cruise photos taken on a disposable camera. 🙂



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